Ready made restaurant quality meals delivered


Enjoy the flavor of chef-prepared restaurant quality meals at a fraction of the price at home.

Perfectly Balanced

Our meals are perfectly balanced to leave you feeling satisfied.

Chef Prepared

Crafted by experts in fine dining.


We do all the planning and prep, you just heat and eat!

Make Every Meal A Fine Dining Experience

Shopping, cooking, and cleaning every day sound like a chore? We’ve got you covered.


Start your day the right way.


Enjoy satisfying lunches to keep you going.


Our dishes are something to look forward to all day long.

Enjoy every bite

Chef-prepared, high quality meals at your fingertips

Don’t break the bank

Our low prices are do to the high volume of ingredients we buy, not low quality

A personal Chef in your refrigerator

Open your fridge door, choose, heat and eat

Feel satisfied all day long

With us you will never compromise on flavour

Get restaurant quality meals weekly

Keep your fridge loaded with your favourite meals. With All Your Meals the best breakfast, lunch, or dinner is alway just 3 minutes away!

Choose from 30+ dishes

New dishes added every month

Meals arrive fresh

Delivered vacuum sealed good for 14 days in an insulated bag

Ready to heat and eat!

Amazing meals in your microwave, oven or air fryer

Frequently Asked Questions

We offer a wide range of convenient delivery times, and offer delivery up to 2x per week to ensure maximum freshness!

Ideally, someone should be home to accept the delivery. It’s food after all. And although our bags have cooler packs, we don’t recommend leaving food outside. That said, if you prefer us to leave it unattended, we will. Our delivery schedule is: Vancouver GVRD Sunday and/or Wednesday from 4:00pm-9:30pm

Your meals will arrive fresh and fully cooked, packed in a Cov-id friendly plastic bag that was carried by our driver in thermal bag with ice. They are individually portioned in 100% recyclable, microwavable plastic containers. Salads and snacks come in biodegradable, compostable containers. Just pop them into the fridge and heat them up when you’re hungry!

Unfortunately due to the large volume of orders we produce and for sanitary reasons, we cannot use reusable containers for individual meals. We can, however, use reusable containers if you’re on the family dinner plan. We do use biodegradable containers for most of our salad-based meals, as well as for our snack packs. The plastic meal containers are fully recyclable.

Unfortunately not, you will need to set up a separate account for each meal plan, that way it give you the maximum flexibility when it comes to your customizations.

Our “Meat Eaters” plans are an Omnivore package, meaning you’ll receive a variety of all the different types of meals we offer.

We sure do! Any of our menu items can be chosen as Family Size which feeds 4 or more people.

No. Your membership will automatically renew each week unless you request to pause or cancel it. If you are going away temporarily, let us know before our deadlines Wednesday @ 1PM for Sunday/Monday orders and Saturday @ 1PM for Wednesday/Thursday orders and we can pause your membership (and payment) until you return. If you are cancelling, please provide one week’s notice.

You have two options: 1.We create meals for you. Based on the answers to your likes and dislikes, we’ll create meals that we think you’ll love. You can provide feedback ongoing and we’ll continue to modify the menu to satisfy you best. 2.You make your own selections. We will send you an email the week before each delivery date. Choose and customize what you’d like to eat and we’ll make it for you.

You can customize to fit your needs. Check our all of the options under Choose Your Mealplan when you’re logged in. If we don’t have an option that works for you, email us. We’ll try to customize a plan for you. The minimum subscrition plan is 8 meals per week. With no subscription, you pay a little more for Ala – Carte only, but you can order as little a 4 meals at a time.

Usually within a few days. Our cut-off for Sunday deliveries is by Wednesday prior at 1:00 pm. For Wednesday deliveries, it’s the Saturday prior at 1:00pm.